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Providing expertise in a variety of areas & services, namely:

Pre-Litigation Investigations (witness interviews)

I have almost 10 years of experience interviewing people, first as a newspaper reporter then as an investigator. I have conducted hundreds of neighborhood canvasses & witness…

Criminal Defense Services

Need an expert to look at your case (or your client’s case)? If the police think your client
is guilty, they will stop looking for any other perpetrators or explanations for the…

Missing Persons & Witness Locates

I have worked surveillance cases & fraud cases where the person I was investigating did not want to be found. Through many techniques including online resources, and…

Courier Services

I travel frequently all over the upstate area Anywhere from Watertown, NY down to Northern Pennsylvania. If you have important documents that you don’t trust the Post Office…

Process of Service (Serving Legal Papers)

I will take a limited number of Process Serving cases per week. Inquire to find out my availability on a weekly basis.

Wrongful Death Investigation

I will look at all the facts, speak to any witnesses & look to find any possible witnesses. I have worked several death investigations in my career & each one is different…

Skip Tracing

Are you looking for someone who does not want to be found? An ex take off & is not paying their child support? (Not a Debt Collector)

Risk Assessment

Is your business or institution doing all it can to be safe & secure? If something happens, can you tell your insurance company you did everything to protect yourself or your…

Diligent Adoption/Estate Searches:

It is important to have your Adoption or your clients Adoption be a thorough, sound process. Hire me to follow the legal steps necessary for a “Diligent Adoption Search” that will hold up in court.

About Me

Nick Babel started his career in investigations as an investigative reporter for several Central New York Newspapers, working in the field for over 6 years. He has spent the last three plus years as a Surveillance Investigator, a Claims Investigator & an SIU Investigator for a major International Compliance & Investigations company. He has worked on accidental death investigations, workplace & non-workplace accidents, dog bites, & many more types of claims investigations. Nick is an expert interviewer who has experience interviewing any and all types of people, from scientists, to politicians, to criminals, police, & everyone in-between. Nick resides in Cortland, NY with his wife Maureen, stepson Andreas & his two cats Daisy & Violet.

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