Nicholas J. Babel Private Investigator

Surveillance Expertise Can Lead to Process Serving Success

Process Serving can be easy or sometimes very difficult. Often the person you are serving might expect it coming or they have a history of avoiding service attempts. Sure, you can “Nail & Mail” if you make your required attempts but that is not as rewarding as finding the person and putting that legal document in their hands. What are you looking for in an investigator who works your process service? The answer for most is for them to get it served in a timely manner and successfully.

Where does surveillance expertise come in when delivering documents, you might ask? A good surveillance investigator knows the signs that someone may be home or not. They are patient and can wait for that right moment to make the serve. They also know how to look up information or get information from their Clients on the person that needs to be served. It is important to do your homework before attempting your service. These are all skills that surveillance investigators pick-up working cases day-by-day, week-by week. Preparation is the ally of success in this business.

I am sure that there are process servers that get their paperwork, the person to be served address, and they try to serve it whenever they can. They hope to get lucky and sometimes they do. Other times they just fulfill the attempts quota and call it a day. Like most things it’s a get what you pay for business. You can hire a “mill” company that higher process servers for a dollar above minimum wage and you’re going to get a dollar above minimum wage effort. Or you pay a Private Investigator that has years of surveillance experience that you know is going to do everything they can to get your papers served.

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